Paperboy Takes Win In Tennessee

The TMRO put on an outstanding show in Murfreesboro Tennessee drawing in racers from 20 States. Paul Wessinger drove Paperboy Express to a first place finish in Class 5 with a time of 1.36

Doug McClung took the win in class 4 with a time of 1.522 and Randy Leino finished first in Class 3 with a best time of 1.78

See the full list of the nights results on the TMRO website by Clicking Here

We’d like to thank the folks at the Miller Coliseum for putting up with the mess mudracers make and hope you allow us all to return next year.

A Little Help From My Friends!!

August 19th I traveled to Whitehall Wisconsin for a Saturday afternoon race. I drew the last running position of the day and when it came time for me to run, the starter failed.. I was alone at the track and figured my day was over. Within seconds, there were about ten guys working on my car as I sat buckled inside. People running for tools, people running for parts, and all of the guys helping were the same guys I was racing against.
CMA has a 5 minute breakdown rule and I easily sat for 10-15 minutes. They could have stopped my run at anytime but these guys aren’t like that.. After getting the engine fired, I pulled up to the track and ran the fastest pass of the day taking the win. I actually felt guilty for winning.
I want to send a big THANK YOU for everyone who helped.. I won’t list names because I’ll forget someone, but you know who you are… Sportsmanship like that is what CMA is all about!!

Almost Done

The new car is almost finished. Just a few more minor things to take care of and we will be taking it out for a test run. Still trying to decide what color to make the side panels and where to get online homework help.

Here is the new Lethal Injection.
We’d like to thank Scott Snarski and Paul Wessinger from the PaperBoy Team and Don Current for getting the car together and putting up with the mess in his garage. Powder Coating was done by The Blast Shop in Kenosha Wi.

This car will be hard to miss in a crowd!!