A Little Help From My Friends!!

August 19th I traveled to Whitehall Wisconsin for a Saturday afternoon race. I drew the last running position of the day and when it came time for me to run, the starter failed.. I was alone at the track and figured my day was over. Within seconds, there were about ten guys working on my car as I sat buckled inside. People running for tools, people running for parts, and all of the guys helping were the same guys I was racing against.
CMA has a 5 minute breakdown rule and I easily sat for 10-15 minutes. They could have stopped my run at anytime but these guys aren’t like that.. After getting the engine fired, I pulled up to the track and ran the fastest pass of the day taking the win. I actually felt guilty for winning.
I want to send a big THANK YOU for everyone who helped.. I won’t list names because I’ll forget someone, but you know who you are… Sportsmanship like that is what CMA is all about!!